Terraçade TN System

Terraçade TN System

Offering a colourfast, low maintenance cladding system in four unique finishes and a vast range of colours, Terracade TN has an option to suit your style.

The uncluttered, minimalist lines lend themselves to bold architectural statements, complementing underlying shapes and forms with streamlined refinement.

Terraçade TN isn’t just about the aesthetic. This ceramic façade system offers architects and builders design flexibility, ease of installation, superb durability and a quality finish that provides endless design options.

Terraçade TN is an investment in style that is designed to stand the test of time.

TN Glazed Blue

1200mm long tiles now

Unleash your creativity with Terracotta Façades and our new
1200mm long tiles. Available in all of the TN series finishes. So
you can create with style and leave a lasting impression.

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