Terracade is simple and easy to install, suitable for
major architectural developments, industrial complexes,
commercial projects or residential applications.

Terraçade provides practical as well as visually appealing solutions to many design obstacles. This authentic terracotta product boasts design
flexibility and simple installation to stamp every project with stylish individuality. It is ideal for existing structure redesign or continuity of colour
and shape in new construction.

Available in a large range of colours and finishes, the Terraçade system will enhance any project large or small. The unique design of Terraçade
allows for it to be used on buildings up to thirty storeys high and the natural properties of terracotta ensure durability, colour fastness and a life
long maintenance free finish

Quality guarantee

Brickworks Building Products continued commitment to quality and innovation ensures that Terraçade will remain the benchmark for excellence
for many years to come.

Terraçade has a warranty of twenty years on the system and 100 years on colourfastness and durability of the tiles.

Contact Terraçade to have an architectural consultant visit you with samples and technical information, or to discuss your next project.

Benefits of Terracotta

Durable and sustainable for life.

Terraçade is an open rainscreen system, so it assists with energy reduction throughout
the building by enabling air to flow between the substrate wall and cladding system. This
flow of air between the cladding and the substrate assists with keeping the building cool
and also helps to remove any moisture that may be present within the cavity. The
Terraçade tile is made from natural and recycled materials and the majority of the
system is not only reusable but can also be recycled. Combining the innate durability of
clay, a unique low maintenance design, and the ability to weather atmospheric extremes,
Terraçade is a long lasting, cost effective and environmentally sound choice.


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