Terraçade XP System

Terraçade XP System

Australia’s rich and diverse landscape was the inspiration behind Terracade XP’s earthy colour palette, with a range
of natural tones to suit any environment.

Not only will the application of Terraçade XP make a statement of its own, but it will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the buildings’ surrounds
and project a distinct Australian flavour.

Application Flexibility: Industrial, commercial and multi residential projects will benefit from Terraçade XP’s highly distinctive and individual
finish. It is a contemporary and innovative alternative to other façades, giving greater flexibility to designers and architects. Terraçade XP has the
flexibility to suit any project and will enhance the surrounds with its natural clay blends.

Stylish Appearance: The beauty of Terraçade XP is that it can be used as a façade for an entire building or as a creative focal point to an innovative
design. Its simple yet stylish appearance will complement and provide a stunning finish to any project. Terraçade XP provides the natural beauty,
low maintenance and longevity of terracotta. Terracotta tiles are robust, colourfast, durable, and have an extremely long service life. The exposure
grade classification of the tiles attests to the product’s suitability for all environments.

Striking Colours: Terraçade XP is available in six colours with two profiles, linear and smooth. With a choice of six natural clay colours to suit any
construction, Terraçade XP will add a creative and individual finish to your project, large or small.

Technical Manual

More information on Terraçade Facade Systems can be found in the Terraçade
Technical Manual, available for download on our resources page.

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